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prescriptives' custom blend lipstick.

here's my perfect red, custom blended by the talented leticia at the bergdorf's prescriptives counter. she used orange, red, black, and sienna tones to create the right hue. first they melt down the colors then they re-harden it and fit it into a lovely (actually two!) silver tube(s). also, i kid you not, a stranger ran up to me in h&m to tell me how great my lipstick looked right after getting it, which is what really sold me on it. here's me before nobu - wearing the lipstick along with prescriptives sunsheen bronzing trio in light and prescriptives lip pencil in nutmeg.


yummy411 said...

that is a great color on you and i love your eyebrows! =)

makeup loves me said...

thank you!!! ;)

karen, makeupandbeautyblog.com said...

That looks great on you, Marina!

rocketqueen said...

Wow, how exciting! It really is a stunning shade. My strongest makeup love is to red lipstick!

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