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my fav five.

there are so many things i'm excited for happening in the next couple weeks! thanksgiving is just a few days away and the city is getting more and more holiday-festive. while it is unnerving when decorations and special holiday products arrive before halloween, once the season actually sets in (post-turkey) the winter wonderland theme of shop windows feels so magical.

here's my "fav five" things im looking forward to:

1. buying gifts for everyone on my list. you can bet there will be tons of makeup, fine wine, and delicious treats. i can't say too much more since some people who receive gifts from me are probably reading this!

2. making my wishlist. my list will definitely include some form of my signature scent, stella by stella mccartney.

3. taking a bubble bath. my little nyc apartment doesn't have a full sized bathtub. i've been fantasizing about having a relaxing foamy bath while at my parents house.

4. truffle-making and baking. when im not lusting after beauty products i love to be in the kitchen, especially on a snowy day. last year i made goat cheese truffles, this year im planning to make chili pepper truffles.

5. the release of the film enchanted. fairy tale + nyc? count me in.

images: www.masterpiecepumpkins.com and www.meish.org

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