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makeup lesson: crackled nails.

MAC cosmetics' antiquitease collection features two nail polishes that can be layered to create a crackled or marbleized look. after reading advice from beauty and fashion tech and temptalia, i've recreated the look here.

1. prepare nails my filing them in to a slightly rounded shape. it looks good on slightly longer nails, but it works on shorter nails too.

2. coat nails with two layers of mac's vestral white nail polish. this is a standard white polish with a cream finish. allow nails to dry thoroughly before moving on to the next step.

3. cover each nail individually with a single coat of mac's gold veneer nail polish. this is an antique gold with a frost finish. after coating each nail, press small-bubbled bubble wrap into the nail before it drys.

4. let nails dry and set them with a clear top coat.

i'm interested in seeing how this would work with other colors. try it out, beauties!


Carleenp said...

I too wonder how it would look with other colors. I think doing it with a metallic dark red would look quite nice!

makeup loves me said...

that sounds pretty! i've also been considering what it would look like with a red/purple combo.

Keira H said...

Great advice. I"ll follow your tips and apply it on my nails.

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