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mac antiquitease review.

mac cosmetics goes all out for the holidays - i've finally sorted out all of their collections and am able to begin my series of posts explaining them to you.

antiquitease/colour stands apart from the other collections because it is a series of individual products, rather than gift sets. the way i see it is, antiquitease is for you (to wear to all of your fantastic holiday engagements) and the other collections are for you to gift (though some you may also need to gift to yourself).

my antiquitease/colour must-haves:

mineralize eyeshadows: there are five of them and i recommend them all. they are only available for a limited time and they give the most beautiful winter-shimmer. i have a special affinity for the vibrant mi' lady (at left).

lipstick and tinted lipglass: the specialest lipstick by far is queen's sin (at lower left). it is a gorgeous cherry metallic red that really pops on my light skin. it looks best with the complementary red romp tinted lipglass layered on top of it.

pigments: if you only get one pigment than promise me it will be your ladyship. it is the perfect brow highlighting shade.

nail polish: as you see in the promo picture, the gold veneer can be layered on top of vestral white to create a crackled effect. can't have one without the other.

fluidline: get the uppity! blacktrack is available in the regular collection, so you can pick it up any time. but uppity is limited edition and such an angelic gold.

see the whole collection here or at your mac counter. enjoy, my antiquitease beauties!

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