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bond no.9 saks fifth avenue.

it's not everyday that i review fragrance. in fact, before today there have not been any days that i've reviewed a perfume. bond no. 9, however, is not just any fragrance, it's the height of elegance and new york-centric thinking in scent, which i applaud. they have fragrances named after various neighbors throughout manhattan. their newest fragrance, saks fifth avenue, has a "for him" and a "for her" version.

"for her" is very sweet (not quite how i would describe a saks fifth avenue "her"), probably due to the notes of jasmine in the scent.

"for him" is a aquatic based scent that is clean and not too bold for everyday.

expect to see a review of bond no. 9's andy warhol silver factory fragrance, to be released in december, in the next week!

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