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urban decay liquid liner.

i'm in love with these liquid liners. as in, i refuse to ever use any other liquid liner. liquid liner either makes you look flawless, sophisticated, put together and a little bit french (in a really good way), or it makes you look like a shaky-lined, gooey mess. luckily, urban decay does liquid liner right and helps makeup wearers to achieve the former.

the biggest crimes of liquid liners are a difficult to use application brush, an unworkable formula, or both. this product is guilty of neither and comes in the best color assortment to take you from a day in la office to a super glamorous night out. there are 12 colors, ranging from perversion (your basic inky black) to acid rain (metallic lime) - see all the wonderful colors here. i tried out honey (metallic gold), roach (warm brown), gash (deep red) and oil slick (black with a subtle shimmer to it). roach and oil slick to create a basic look, honey to dress it up for a night out, and gash as my more daring option.

the image above is from urban decay's matte eyeshadow campaign, but it also shows a great way to layer these liners for a fun, dramatic look. i've replicated this look, so i can tell you it is not only possible, but fairly easy! these liners have become another one of my fall staples, so expect to see some pictures of me wearing them over the next few weeks.

how do i love these liners? let me count the ways:
1. the colors are gor-ge-ous. and very original, no other line covers the practical and fantastical in liquid liner as well.

2. they are actually easy to use!

3. there packaging makes them look like little ink and quill pots. very lovable.

ps - what i would love: if they created a metallic ballet pink liquid liner, that is the only thing that could make this collection even better!

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