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mac's matte2 - swatches and review.

alright, lets get this out of the way first, its not pronounced matteTWO, it's matteSQUARED. i know i was confused about it and i don't want any of you beauties to embarrass yourselves at the MAC counter. now let's get the dates straight: it came on thursday (09/27) and will remain on counters as part of the permanent collection (hooray!).

the matte look has come out of left field and stormed the main stage, bringing up mixed emotions (mainly the painful memories of my middle school matte looks). but, after testing out MAC's newest collections, they've managed to convince me that a little matte can be a good thing. there is something very "adult" about a matte look that makes me feel all grown-up in my makeup, which i've decided i like, sometimes. it gives you an opportunity to look put together in a way that shimmery stuff just can't. i have swatches for 8 of the 16 colors:

my surprising favorite: flourishing - a soft olive, which is gorgeous with mattene lipstick in flattering.

my not-so-surpring favorite: pink 'n' ink - which didn't photograph so well, but it's a soft baby pink with no shimmer.

application hint: you must be very precise when applying matte makeup (even more so with lippies than the shadows). precision is key. the color is intense and applying haphazardly and blending - like you might with your shimmers - won't cut it. be sure you use shadow brushes to place shadow in only the the desired location.

almost forgot! you can see the whole matte2 collection - eyeshadows and liquid liners - here or at your local mac counter.

first image courtesy of mac cosmetics and second image property of makeuplovesme.


IxLovexM·A·C said...

Newly Minted is my favorite!! It's such a gorgeous color

makeup loves me said...

i like that one too. it would be my third favorite.

IxLovexM·A·C said...


check out my blog as well: ixlovexmakeup.blogspot.com

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