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mac lashes out with plush lash and lashes collections.

MAC is giving shu uemura a run for their money! two of their recently released collections, plush lash and lashes, are - as their names imply - all about the lashes. one a mascara, one a false lash line, both focus on a more natural long lashed look.

plush lash is a new mascara designed for long and defined lashes. it comes in two colors, plushblack and brunette. i have tried the brunette version, and i have to say, i've never seen longer, totally un-clumped, lashes. it seriously gives the look of natural incredibly long lashes, especially because brown mascara has a softer feel than black. ps - i am not sure why they picked this horrifying image to introduce this fabulous product.

the lashes collection is a very extensive line - 11 different types - of false lashes. these lashes are specially designed to tackle some of the "problem areas" identified with traditional false lashes. they have an invisible band connecting the lashes, which is ingenious because having a black line connecting all your lashes has never been that cute. also, the band is shorter! which is something i've been campaigning for in false lashes, do you think this is my doing?! and finally the colors combine shades of blacks and browns to match natural lashes.

your chance to stop looking like a drag queen in false lashes has finally come!


Courtney said...

I'm really excited to try this new mascara after reading your review. I've never been a huge fan of MAC's mascaras but I'm definitely going to be giving this new one a try. :-)

makeup loves me said...

i really enjoyed it. hope you do too!

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