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mac holiday!

mac has unveiled the bulk of it's holiday items, and it is ex-ten-sive.

of course there is antiquitease/colour, which was released last thursday. expect to see a review of that collection next week. i've seen it, and i love it, but i haven't had the chance to play with it. so i'm holding off on telling you all about it.

in addition to antiquitease/colour there is:

royal assets - eye and lip palettes in victorian-esque compacts.

heirlooms - brush sets in tweed-like clutches. if you are in need of brushes these sets are a fantastic value.

curiousitease - sets of lipglasses, eye pencils and pigments. this is a great gift for the color-loving ladies in your life.

finery - sets of 3 lipsticks in complimentary hues in similar clutches to heirlooms.

viva glamorous - a holiday twist on the viva glam campaign. the collection has a warm lip and a cool lip palette and the $$ goes to the MAC aids fund.

kids helping kids - cards and wrapping paper designed by kids to support pediatric aids. i am totally getting the wrapping paper.

click on the link to be magically transported to all of mac's holiday goodness!


Anonymous said...

I ran to MAC to get their holiday brush set! Such a great deal...5 brushes for less than the price of two! and the clutch is so cute...I brought it to a wedding and got many compliments...I highly recommend!

makeup loves me said...

thank you for your comment. i agree! holiday brush sets at MAC are a steal!

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