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lint a go-go.

i have a lint brush. and lately, every time i put it down it seems to be getting itself glued to my dresser, counter, microwave (insert any household surface here).

enter lint-on-the-go-sheets. what's that, you say? they are little portable (easy to drop in the purse!) stickers that can be used to de-lint your garments. why not use a sticker, you say? a few main reasons, as i see it:

1. using these prevents the ruining of an otherwise awesome sticker.
2. these lint-on-the-go stickers are much stronger than your average sticker, hence more de-lint-ability.
3. and they were in the 2007 emmy bags, so you know steve carell's into 'em, too.

also, they are having a special now if you buy 3 packs, so head on over!

image courtesy of lint-on-the-go!


A-Mused said...


I want these!

Such a great idea especially when I am wearing black suits to work come winter!

Thanks ;)

makeup loves me said...

i know! they are so handy! plus, you slide your hand under the clear cover so they are super easy and they have protective liners. they're just really well thought-out!

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