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lancome's holiday 2007 collection.

lancome has introduced their holiday 2007 collection. in their words, the collection is the "haute-est party" of the year, and for the most part, i agree.
the collection is vast, so ill just bring you,
a few highlights:

color focus quads - eyeshadow quads available in two color combinations - "the night is young" and "black tie affair".

potion of love - felt-tipped lipstain. brought back a limited time!

juicy tube gift set - includes 8 juicy tubes (pictured above, top right).

makeup artist shimmer eye set - includes 3 loose eye powders, an eye shadow brush, and a mini bi-facil eye makeup remover.

precious carat lipgloss - lip gloss in a jewel with a jewel-like finish. my personal favorite (pictured above; center).

temple st. clair
- 18 k gold. only 20 made. contains mille et une roses parfum. i think i've said enough (pictured above; left).

there are other gorgeous gifts including fragrance sets and la collection d'or that i can't even begin to describe. lancome has outdone themselves!

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