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lancome's color design blush.

it's finally started to really feel like fall in new york. as a result, scarves and a less beachy makeup look are in order!

i associate cooler weather with cream blush because it gives you that "glow from within", like rosy cheeks on a chilly day (as opposed to powder blush, which sits on top of the skin, giving a sun-kissed, hence summery, look). so, i've been eager to find a flattering cream blush that creates the aforementioned chilly day effect. well, i found it! i'm loving lancome's color design blush in pret a plum. at first i did not think a "plum" colored blush would be a match for me, because it's not super-attractive lipstick shade for me. but it turns out it's an amazing blush hue for my coloring! i've worn it everyday for the last two weeks and it has flattered every look i've paired it with. if you're coloring is similar to mine (light eyes, dark hair, light yellow-toned skin) i urge you to give this color a try. however, this same formula is available in 7 colors, so don't worry if you aren't a plum match.

also, this blush is extra smooth (sidenote: be sure your skin is properly moisturized before trying to apply any cream products). i just use my fingers to smooth it on the apples of my cheeks. i definitely get hours of color out of my initial application. this is my first must-have for a perfect fall look.

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