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elizabeth arden's 8 hour cream.

the weather has taken a turn from infernal summer to eternal icebox here in new york and i am none to pleased.

and it turns out neither is my skin. my hands have changed with the weather and became painfully dry. but they are on the mend, due to elizabeth arden's eight hour cream intensive moisturizing hand treatment (it claims to treat hands for up to 8 hours, but i have yet to test this theory because im addicted, so i reapply on the hour). yesterday, i also used this cream on my boyfriend's chapped hands after a full day of deck-building in the wind and now they are noticeably softer, which i'm quite pleased about.

protect yourself from the evil forces of cold weather, beauties!

1 comment:

Solvita said...

I haven't tried the EA 8-hour cream, using Skin MD Natural by 21st Century Formulations instead. Have started with applying it 3 times daily, but now after the skin on face and hands got totally healed, am using it 1-2 times a day only. This lotion is a superb one:)

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