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damsel in de-stress.

ahhhhh, beauties!!! i'm pulling my hair out here (not literally, as that would so not be attractive). i've been in super-study mode because i'm taking the gre (graduate record exam) in about a week and a half. this means after a very busy day at la office i spend an extra few hours a night reviewing math i haven't seen in 10 years. and, of course, this stressful schedule has wreaked havoc on my beauty routine and appearance.

what i'm doing about it:

- using fresh's brown sugar face polish on my face each night to fight dullness. this product is not cheap ($55!), but i love it.

- drinking tons of water and green tea.

- using deep conditioner. whenever you see a "stressed" woman on tv her hair is all frizzy. this has actually been happening to me. my hair is frazzled along with my nerves. so i've switched out my regular conditioner for a deep conditioner.

- naturally i've been hitting the desserts (hello chocolate!) quite hard. you have to reward yourself!

- some women like to skip the makeup when they are in an intense work mode, but if i feel put together i find i'm able to carry that confidence over to the project at hand. so i still do my normal "full-face" each day.

i'm curious to hear your beauty-under-stress regimen. let me know, beauties!

top image courtesy of digital blue global and second image courtesy of fresh.

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