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contest reminder.

don't forget, you have just a few more days to participate in the mineral fusion starter kit contest for makeup loves me readers sponsored whole foods!

the contest is running until this friday. all you have to do is view this podcast (click on "this"), make a comment with www.makeuplovesme.com in the "website" field of the comment form, and you will automatically be entered to win this fantastic kit! for further details click here.

ps- my fav part of the video is when they tell you can wear mineral fusion makeup while exercising because it's so good for your skin. how can you not love a cosmetics line that can say that?!


Julie Fredrickson said...

Ha I love it! Being one of those girls who used to terribly abuse the makeup at the gym thing I sincerely approve!

makeup loves me said...

hi julie!

i know, hearing something like that can seriously get one in to mineral makeup!

deadineden said...

i like that it is just plain not bad for my skin.

annulla said...

Makeup that IMPROVES your skin? Hmmm. Do you think if I brushed it on my thighs, it would firm everything up and I could just avoid the whole exercising thing?

makeup loves me said...

deadineden - i love that about it!

annulla - sure! im pretty sure it works just like magic.

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