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weekend beauty blog network reads.

some weekend reading, perhaps? check out the best and brightest posts by the beauty blog network this week:

enjoy, beauties!


sesame said...

Hi. I just like to let you know that excerpts of your blog entry was used here:
if you're aren't already aware.

Even though a link was provided to your blog entry, I wonder if you like to be associated with a spammy site that does nothing but syndicate our entries just to pump up the content and use them to earn revenue from google adsense.

They have violated my copyright and I'm taking action. I leave you to decide what you'll like to do with yours. You may also like to verify if more than one copy of your post was used.

makeup loves me said...

thanks sesame. i have been trying to let cosmeticstest know that i would like them to take my posts down, as i do not like to be associated with spammy sites. :)

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