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practically glamorous - castor oil.

sometimes a product that you don't find at sephora is still truly fabulous. many things that don't come in pink jewelled cases are still necessities for creating the flawless look. in thinking about my newest love, castor oil, i created a new post label, "practically glamorous" for just such delights.

what is castor oil? i'm not sure exactly. i read that it was good for eyelashes (rub a little on them before bed and it conditions them; repairing lash damage and preventing thinning). i was able to find it for under $5 in the "stomach ailments" section of my pharmacy. it definitely works on the lashes. it also works as a fast on-the-spot raccoon eye fix. if you have mascara or liner (even waterproof!) caked on the fragile skin under your eyes, a swipe with q-tip of castor oil fixes it right up. and as for the stomach problems? i cannot testify. so there you go, castor oil is at least 2 for 3.

image courtesy of sedna products.

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