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mac's mattene collection swatches.

so, i lied to you, sort of. not on purpose, but because mac had a little change of heart. mattene, mac's matte lipstick collection, is now going to be available starting october 4th, one week from today. however, matte2 and plush lash are on counters and online starting today. but, i did swatches for the lipsticks, so here you go:

right to left:
classic dame
cafe matte
night violet

surprising favorite: night violet - i love the color violet, but i was not sure i would like it as a matte lipstick, but like isn't strong enough. i love it as a matte lipstick.

not so surprising favorites: classic dame - i am a sucker for orange-based reds and this one delivers.


IxLovexMAC said...

Classic Dame seems to be a hot favorite of everyone's including Ms. Dita Von Teese as well:) Personally, Composure and Immodest look divine to me.

makeup loves me said...

they are both a little dark for me, but beautiful. im loving flattering, it's smooth and well, flattering!

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