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hi there, blue eyes.

there is no shortage of eye makeup trends to try this fall, thus there is no excuse for not finding the one that works for you (and subsequently working it). i've already covered audrey hepburn eyes and smoky eyes, but somehow i haven't gotten around to examining what i have to say is fall's most surprising trend, the return of blue eye makeup.

while blue eye makeup is back in style (after what i believe was a 20 year hiatus), its not back in an "80's way" (meaning don't slap on some powder blue eye shaodw and think you are stylin'). the blue eye makeup we are currently discussing is dark, electric, and infused with grey, essentially it is stormy, and that is reflected in the naming of these collections. mac's aptly titled blue storm collection was the first of many blue-centric collections to hit counters in the last few weeks. i used this collection to create a look for the lovely janice, below (ps - do you not looove her cheekbones?!):

1. i used cumulus eyeshadow on the inner half of her eye and thunder eyeshadow on the outer half then used a blending brush to lightly merge the two.
2. i lined her top lashline with mystery, one of MAC's gorgeous new kohl power eye pencils.
3. a few coats of mascara finish off the eyes.
4. i amped up her lips with lull lipglass.

so simple and so glamorous!

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