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fashion weekend.

and now for the post you've all been waiting for (or at least i have); a rundown of my runway-centric weekend. note: when talking about runway shows, i'm going to be focusing on the makeup looks from the shows and not so much on the clothes, because that's what i do best. also, keep in mind these looks are for spring/summer 2008.

costello tagliapietra runway show (friday) - all the models had bird's nest hair - curly loose buns with lots of loose curls. skin was unbronzed and beyond dewy, almost waxy. eyes were in the bright neutrals from the nars sundance duo, following a circular arching. lips were matte and blotted in a bold, dusty, pinky red. clothes were solid color and had a nice sway to them.

shu uemura boutique party (friday) - i was joined by my lovely friend noelle for this event. here, i purchased glow on blush in P Red 14. that is some fierce blush. also, sadly, we bid farewell to the soho boutique location while the prosecco and hors d'oeuvre flowed freely.

M.A.C. cosmetics reception (saturday) - the wonderful heather from M.A.C organized a reception in the tents for some beauty bloggers. i knew erika would be there, and since i love her blog, i was beyond thrilled to actually meet her, and she was every bit as fun and sweet as her writing. additionally, i got to meet elke, a celebrity makeup artist who doubles as one of my heroes.

lunch and dinner with the beauty bloggers (saturday) - since i had so much fun meeting my fellow beauty bloggers, i decided to join them for both lunch and dinner. julia is a marvel, i always love a girl who loves to talk food and wine in addition to beauty. i also had the the pleasure of spending time with shannon and ellen. and the lovely teri, who not only writes an awesome blog but also works on the new site splendicity. dinner gave me a chance to chat away with lianne and nichelle.

naeem khan runway show (tuesday): hair was bobbed and coiffed. again, skin was very natural, not bronzed. the lips were a loud smack of shiny pink-based red, while cheeks were sculpted and eyes were down-played. clothes were flowing and often used one bright color patterned with white.

still to come: a full blow-by-blow of my time backstage with lancome at the chris benz presentation.

first image courtesy of style.com, second image courtesy of filmmagic.com


karen, makeupandbeautyblog.com said...

awesome! it sounds so exciting and like you had lots of fun. i wish i could've been there! next year (hopefully)

Chuck said...

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