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amy says - part 2 (guest bloggist).

3. I was wondering if you have any blending tips to avoid getting the "make-up line" across my jaw area. I don't usually notice it, which makes it even more embarrassing. Thanks for your help!

The most important part is finding your proper foundation color. Go to a counter at a not-too-busy time – like a weekday shortly after opening. (I once read in a magazine a recommendation that you go shopping for new makeup near closing-time, so you can get the artist's full attention – yeah, right. At that time they're only thinking about what they're going to eat as soon as they get home, and wishing you'd take off.) In the daytime artists in retail are much more likely to find you the right product, especially at the nicer department stores where they often want to build a relationship with you and your face. To take the pain out of brand selection, I'll give you some names I can really get behind. DIOR has sophisticated formulas and nice undertones – but unfortunately not the widest range of color selection. MAC is best if you have a tough-to-match skin tone, but I don't love the textures – for example, StudioFix is notoriously serious coverage but not the most skin-friendly. LAURA MERCIER really does do a nice tinted moisturizer. TRISH MCEVOY artists are great – a tad overbearing – and will match you well, but you then get roped into their cute but dopey, OCD-oriented packaging. I loooove a brand called MAKEUP FOREVER at Sephora. God, I love that stuff. Their liquids and powders give full coverage – which I adore – and blend well. VINCENT LONGO also does killer foundations, as does ESTEE LAUDER, both in a range of finishes. If you want to go baller-style, go with CHANEL or ARMANI – my favorites. (I tend to go against the popular grain and veto the ever-popular Bobbi Brown unless you're looking for yellow undertones, like if you have a lot of redness.) Once you have your shade, apply from the center of your face out with a brush or your fingers but please, please not a sponge – these suck up all your product and you invariably look uneven. I use my fingers; once I've applied, I take my index, middle and ring fingers, put them together, and use the pads of fingertips to briskly and lightly blend everything down from jaw to neck. Start at your ears and then make sure your throat looks smooth. Make this a daily habit or you will definitely get that line. If you use bronzer, dust a little over the jaw and throat.

A side note: I tend to favor Estee Lauder DoubleWear foundation - 13-hour coverage – in Softtan, a great color that's a bit dark for me. Wheat is my real color. But what can I say, Softtan gives me the look I like. Therefore I have to be extra careful to blend. Just keep a tiny compact on ya – and worst comes to worst, someone tells that you've got a line. You can either change your color, unoffended, or blend more carefully.

4. I have light blue eyes with an aqua tint and I am really interested in wearing blue eye makeup. Do you have any tips so that I don't look like a throw back to the 80's?

Three words – flawless bronzed skin! This balances out the jolt of a blue-on-blue eye and makes it standout sexy, not fashion-victim. If you're lucky enough to have such an eye color, why not show it off? You can play with navy, which I think is the best way to go, and pale blues. You could also do cobalt or royal-blue liner. Diorshow mascara also comes in an electric blue that my friends and I loved in college. If you want to go artistic with all-out aqua, just don't wear it too high. You just need a really smooth canvas – your complexion - and a neutral lip. Acne-prone fair skin, for example, with an aqua-lined eye and red lips – is basically an American flag on hallucinogens. I don't say this to be harsh but to emphasize the importance of balance. That being said, there's nothing wrong with full-coverage foundation to get your face even, and with an eye. you should brush the face with a golden bronzer, like Nars in Casino. Look at Cameron Diaz: if you've ever seen her without makeup, she actually has problem skin. Who the hell would ever guess? The girl wears plenty of well-blended foundation! Probably go easy on the blush too, unless you're doing a pinky or raspberry wash. Light blue eyes with an aqua tint, wearing lovely shades of blue, to me, scream for a lush caramel mouth, very modern, either matte or shiny. If it was me I'd go for full-tint shine. Try DiorKiss lipgloss in Praline. Or you can rock it retro with a true pink, candy or pale. Delicious!

5. I used store brand eyelash glue and had a very hard time removing it when I took off my lashes. Any tips on how to get eyelash glue off easier?

That's what I use too, I'm all about Ardell. You know how nail techs press the acetone-soaked pad and sort of rock them back and forth on your nails before stroking off the color? This is the best way to go, and use something heavy-duty like Lancome's BiFacil or Shiseido's instant eye-and-lip makeup removers – something a little oily. Press the cotton pad against your lid and sort of wiggle and press before you pull the lashes off – they should slide off easily with this step. As for the leftover curls of glue that tend to gather near the lashes, I find that Laura Mercier's cleansing oil works wonders. Fantastic product. After that, keep rinsing and use a cleanser like Philosophy's Purity or Cetaphil to gently remove remainders. Another tip is to use very little glue on the lashes when putting them on, which is actually what pros usually do. Gotta love fake lashes!


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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karen, makeupandbeautyblog.com said...

I am all over that Laura Mercier cleansing oil! Does it leave a film on your skin, or does it wash off easily?

makeup loves me said...

hi karen - thank you for coming to visit me! i havent tried to the laura mercier cleansing oil yet, but i will ask my guest bloggist your question and post the response. ;)

makeup loves me said...

i checked in w/ ms. ma and she says it is "not filmy"!

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