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valentino on sophia loren.

i read this quote a couple of weeks ago in the august issue of InStyle, but i keep coming back to it. Valentino on Sophia Loren:

"Today, every famous woman is called a diva. But here is a true one, in the best sense of the word. Sophia comes from a time when actresses behaved like movie stars from the moment they got up till they turned off the light at night. You would never see them looking less than perfect-no pictures of Sophia going to the supermarket! Like the day we christened my boat. We asked Sophia to come; you always want a woman to do it, for luck. It was 10 A.M., and she showed up like she was going to a world premiere of her latest film. It may be a little unreal. But I love it."

...*sigh*, so much more inspirational than seeing a crotch-shot of today's divas...


Stolen Beauty said...

God I love her...she is still classy and beautiful. My grandmother was like her, from Italy too, she always looked put together and glamorous. I like to be that way now but my boyfriend wants to know why I won't wear sweatpants out to the store! Hey I am just trying to channel Sophia over here :)

Anonymous said...

I agree. Why won't celebs act (regardless of the genre they are involved in) like STARS!! I am sick of trashy celebs and their antics. They are not above real, working people like you and me, so why do we treat them as such!!

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