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shu uemura's tokyo lash bar collection 2007.

shu uemura makes all kinds of makeup, but they rule supreme over eyelashes. they make the best eyelash curler, the best natural-looking mascara, the best false lash adhesive, and without a doubt, the best false lashes. there new collection, tokyo lash bar collection 2007, makes me all aflutter.

especially the premium velvet feather false eyelashes (top and top left) and the false eyelashes smoky layers (near right). serious fairytale material. she looks like a beautiful magic ostrich, in a good way. view the whole collection here.


Life Is Beautiful said...

Hi there,
Blog Linker doesn't seem to be working. I have added your blog to my blog roll manually. please add me too

Anonymous said...

I've tried looking for shu eumera products in stores and can't find it anywhere. I live in New York...could you please let me know where products are carried?

makeup loves me said...

they have a boutique on hudson street. sephora carries some of their mascaras and curlers, but not their lash glue, and only one set of their falsies. hope this helps!

makeup loves me said...

i just learned that bergdorf's has shu uemura as well ; )

Anonymous said...

hey - if you're trying to find shu uemura products in NY, you can buy at;

Barneys New York at 60th St. & Madison 212.833.2007

CO-OP Barneys New York at 18th St. 212.716.8820

CO-OP Barneys New York at Wooster St. 212.965.9964

and online at shuuemura-usa.com

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