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sephora beauty insider.

it's taken two months (originally posted here), but i've finally figured out the sephora beauty insider program. essentially it's like a glam version of a cvs rewards card. and since i love my cvs card, i would imagine that i will supremely love my sephora card. how it works is you get one of those little plastic keyring attachments that can be scanned to give you the following:

1. for every $100 you spend, you get exclusive product samples.

2. you get a gift, specifically a bliss naked body butter, when you go the store on your bday!

3. sephora will email you to alert you of products that may be of interest to you, based on your answers to a quiz about your coloring, skin type and likes.

4. you get access to products and bonuses not available to the ordinary customer (because you are not ordinary, you are extraordinary!).

they also have this gorgeous "it-bag" sample set (woman's wrist not included) with online orders over $25 online now. there is no cost or penalty for not using the card, so why not join?


Anonymous said...

I got the gift on my bday and I have to say that the bliss lotion is a bigger size than I expected and it is fragrance free so anyone can enjoy it!

Jeni said...

I just signed up for that last week at Sephora, and had no idea what it was! All I knew was that it was free, and my friend got a free gift because it was her birthday month. Thanks for the info!

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