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prescriptives' here to stay 24 hour longwear mascara.

i've been on the hunt for the perfect everyday mascara - something that shows off my eyes rather than making people gawk at my clumpy lashes. my search is over now that i've tried prescriptives' newest mascara (to be released this september).

prescriptives here to stay 24 hour longwear mascara (wow, what a mouthful!) makes my lashes the enviable feature they deserve to be. while the product certainly lives up to it's claim of being long-wearing (it did not melt, flake or fade at all from my morning application through a late night! - approximately 18 hours), the reason i love it is that it separates lashes! the biggest problem i have with most mascaras is clumping, all my lashes tend to get stuck together and give me mega spider-leg lashes. also, i didn't even use my lash curler, and it still gave me a beautiful turn-out. it has a flexible applicator that looks like several fine-toothed combs. in sum: this brush, combined with its special formula, gives a gorgeous doe-eyed sustainable curl.

tip: be sure to thoroughly remove all old mascara before judging a new one. my first day with this mascara my lashes were still clumpy from my old product. i used a ton of creamy eye makeup remover that night and since then it's been nothing but gorgeous lashes.

image courtesy of prescriptives.


Anonymous said...

What eye makeup remover do you use?

makeup loves me said...

great question! i normally use aveda's eye makeup remover, but the creamy eye makeup remover i used and referenced in this post was pond's. i actually really like the pond's one, but it can be a bit heavy for everyday on oily skin.

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