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my favorite facial cleansers.

when left to its own devices, i have the worst skin. my t-zone can get oily. my chin breaks out. and in the cold weather, my cheeks get dry. so, it's oily, combination, sensitive, and at times, dry! i've tried many facial cleansers and now have a regimen that works for me. my two favorites are cetaphil gentle skin cleanser and TAHITIAN NONI® TePoemä cleansing gel for oily skin.

cetaphil's cleanser is very mild and milky. it rinses away oil, dirt and makeup without drying or irritating my skin. and it leaves my skin sooo soft! since it is so gentle, its great in the winter and when washing your face in the shower - two times when skin can get over-dry. im not the only fan, this product won a place in the allure magazine best of beauty hall of fame. it is inexpensive and can be bought at any pharmacy for approximately $10.

the TePoemä cleanser is very different from cetaphil. for the hot and humid days, nothing leaves my skin feeling as refreshed as this wash. gel cleansers are a bit more drying, so i only use this wash on hot days and a couple times a week during the winter. i prefer it over other gel cleansers because it is filled with unique tahitian ingredients like noni juice and moringa seed. though i dont know much about either, i know that this wash leaves my with a grease-free healthy glow that no other product can touch. it is available here for $26.


Anonymous said...

I also love Cetaphil which I use during the winter because any other cleanser dries out my skin too much. It takes off all my makeup without making my skin flaky.

For summer I to switch to Alba Pineapple Enzyme Facial Cleanser. It leaves my face shine free for the day and gets off my dead skin. I would not use it during the winter because it is too drying in the cold weather but is perfect for summer. And it is pretty cheap at $10-12.

Anonymous said...

I have tried Cetaphil, but I find it too heavy and prefer to use MaryKay's Timewise 3-in-1 cleanser for normal to dry skin. I have not had a single break-out or zit since I started using this product. It is a cleanser, exfoliator, and refresher all in one, which is great for busy folks. At $18 and available through the internet, it is a great product. A cheaper altenative, which I used to use when my skin was more problematic, is Velocity. At $10, it has a great scent and is cooling and refreshing.

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