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mac - smoke signals.

bow down to this collection. despite it's ridiculous collection image (see above) and it's products not photographing terribly well, i have never seen a more perfect set of products to create a glamorous look for any coloring. as it's name suggests, smoke signals is all about the smoky eye, coupled with a nude lip. long ago, before angelina jolie even married billy bob, let alone became mother to all, she appeared on a magazine cover all smoky-eyed and nude lipped, and it was the absolute sexiest thing i've ever seen. remembering that picture still inspires (and haunts) me. this collection is everything that is right with looking sexy.

the must haves:

kohl power eye pencil - this product is brand new. my thoughts? love, love, love. it gives smooth, smoldering, intense color. it comes in two near black shades, orpheus (intense black with gold pearl) and raven (intense black with red pearl). these two pencils have totally replaced my plain black liner pencil. there is nothing a could use plain black for that these wouldn't be better! they are not at all glittery, they just have a beautiful sheen that can work with a subtle look and easily play up a glamorous one. look for two additional kohl power colors in the blue storm collection.

eye shadow X4 - two, well thought-out, eyeshadow quads for creating a classic smoky eye. gentle fume eyes (grays and blacks) and smoking eyes (browns)are both terrific. even though smoky eyes are huge this fall, either of these quads are a wise investment because a smoky is always an elegant evening look.

lipstick - there are five lipsticks in this collection, but more importantly there are two lipsticks that i don't know how i ever lived without. sparks can fly (creamy rose) is a subtle color that can transition from day to night looking effortlessly elegant and burnin' (rich wine) looks nothing like how it is pictured on the website. it is the dark, near black, winey lip color of 1940's sirens. love it.

the collection also includes 4 lipglasses, 3 pigments, 2 nail lacquers, and 2 powder blushes, which are all actually quite lovely depending on what you are in the market for. i honestly believe any purchase from this collection is a wise investment. see it all here (but don't judge it by those pictures, instead head to your local mac counter).

additionally, mac has a series of smoke signals events at their counters across the country to promote this line, which is a great way to try out these fabulous colors (as well as a great way to get a ready for a fun evening out). i went to last night and mac artist jennifer gave me a gorgeous look. expect to see pictures from the event up next week.


Anonymous said...

So funny that you posted about the smoke signals collection! I was just walking by bloomingdales and noticed its mac campaign in the front window...can't wait to check it out!

Anonymous said...

I went to look at the smoke signals eye makeup and couldn't decide between the two different palettes. I feel that with my complexion I could go either way. Which one do you suggest would be more practical?

makeup loves me said...

this question falls back on whether you have warm or cool undertones. gentle fumes is great for cool and smoking eyes more practical for warm. hope this helps!

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