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mac releases painterly.

i have been unbelievably excited for the release of this mac collection. and, i am not disappointed. with painterly, the eyes have it - the collection includes 12 paint pots, 6 technakohl liners, 2 shadow brushes, and a featherette false lash set.

the paint pots are the highlight of this collection. they are unique and can be used as either shadow or liner, depending on which brush you use. and you will need to use a brush. these creamy little pots should not be touched with your fingers, because their intense pigment means your application needs to be exact. but once its on, the color holds up beautifully throughout the day and into the night!

the liners are wonderful because they come in non-black neutrals which can be a great way to help make your eyes pop! and while others may think feather lashes impractical, i happen to love false lashes in all colors and textures, and these can certainly complete a stand-out look.

my favorite? the rubinesque paint pot! it is the product i have spent all summer hunting for! a shimmery, gold/peach/pink (to be precise: mid-tone frosted golden peach with gold and pink pearl) which goes on fairly opaque.

see it all here, and because you are a lucky lucky girl, rumor has it the paint pots are going to become part of mac's permanent collection.

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