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mac in 3d.

you probably think you have enough lip gloss. but, you are probably wrong.
mac's new collection, mac in 3d, is dedicated to la bouche - with 12 new 3d glasses and 9 new lipglass pencils.

since i have a ton of glosses already, and since im in a lipstick-over-gloss phase, i was prepared to be non-plussed by this array (and was way more excited for mac's other new, eye-centric collection, painterly). however, after lacquering up my lips with in 3d ( the collection's signature color, a sheer peachy pink with blue pearl), mac wins. i haven't loved a lip gloss this much in quite some time.

the colors are rich, and when paired with the lipglass pencil, can give you just as much boldness as a lipstick, but all the multi-dimensional shine of a gloss. yum. my favorite combo of the collection is the red stroke lipglass pencil with the intense red boundless 3d glass. this collection is stands apart through a combination of conditioning, non-stickiness and amazingly pigmented shine. it's limited edition, so head over to your mac counter if you're tempted or get it online here.


Anonymous said...

I bought painterly and I love it as a base. The consistancy is kind of clay-like and it goes on smooth. The painterly color is very neutral and looks great with some eyeliner.

Anonymous said...

I am not usually a MAC girl because their colors can look a bit too severe on me but I LOVED the new lipglass. Algorithim looked amazing on me and it made my lips look more full than lip plumpers do.

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