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clinique's beauty boot camp.

im in beauty boot camp! mom, please send me a care package! oh wait, clinique already did. after registering for their online beauty boot camp contest, i got their acne solutions clear skin system - which includes cleansing foam, clarifying lotion and clearing moisturizer.

the cleanser is a basic foam cleanser with salicylic acid, if you need to reduce grease and acne-causing bacteria this wash would certainly help. the "lotion" is pretty much a toner, it is liquid and meant to be used after the wash and before the moisturizer. im not really sure why it is called lotion, but i really like it as a toner. the moisturizer is oil-free and is very light. it is nice for summer because it doesn't make skin feel heavy.

i like each of the three products individually, but as a skincare regimen, it may be a bit over-drying for my skin. none of the products provide any moisture and all are focused solely on combating acne. Though breakouts are one of my main skin concerns, my skin is not super-oily like a teen. i think using these three products together would work great someone whose skin is in the midst of adolescent turmoil. which is fair, considering i think this beauty boot camp is actually for teenagers... for me, ill stick with the clarifying "lotion". but, the attractive green-and-blue bottles do match perfectly with the color scheme of my new bathroom.

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