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makeup lesson: audrey hepburn eye, X2.

i gave my first audrey hepburn eye lesson back in may (see it here), not knowing that cat eyes would be the look this fall. with that in mind, i believe a second, more thorough lesson is in order. there are many cat eyes this fall. audrey's classic look is one of the many variations you can explore. some of the newer looks are a smoky cat eye, colored liner cat eye, ultra-dramatic futuristic cat eye, but audrey's look has a very clean lid that focuses on the inky precision of liquid liner application.

1. be sure to cover any blemishes and make your skin look flawless. a natural, more transparent skin look can be nice for some things, but not a glamorous eye. this is not a time where mixing and matching is encouraged.

2. as i mentioned above, this starts with a very clean lid. i used a mac paint pot in bare study (champagne with gold and white sparkle) to give me a strong base (see images above).

3. this tip is very helpful if you don't have much experience with liquid liner: you can use a pencil liner to draw the initial line then use that as a guide to cover with liquid liner for that inky look. if you have a lot of experience with liquid liner, you can go straight the the liner. either way, start one finger-width out from the corner of your eye (about 1/4 of your lid's distance). making a line that hugs your lash line while getting ever slightly thicker as it goes.

4. just before the end your eye, right before lid starts to turn down quickly flick up to create a little wing (and if you first outlined in pencil, now trace over with liquid liner). use your other thumb to hold your skin taut so that the line will not get wobbly (see image from step 2). i used urban decay's liquid eye liner in soot (opaque inky black). how long should your wing be? you want it to be long enough that it's enchanting, but not so long that it's amy winehouse, right? numerically, that translates to about 1/4 of an inch.

5. finish with ample mascara!

enjoy your catty self, beauties!

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Oh those are gorgeous catty eyes. You go girl!

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