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mac launches flashtronic and rush metal.

mac is busy making the most innovative summer lines to match the trends. mineral-inspired and gold (everyone's favorite mineral) hints are huge this summer, and mac doesnt miss a beat. here is your overview of flashtronic and rush metal. oh, and best of all, both collections allow you to shine without glitter.

flashtronic: mosaic colors which create a mineralized finish.

what the collection includes: 4 lipglasses, 6 mineralize eyeshadows, 3 mineralize skinfinish and 2 brushes.

first impressions: with names like "mercurial" and "by jupiter" these eyeshadows really do remind me of little planets. they go on with a gorgeous glimmer and provide rich but subtle colors. the lipglasses are a collection of pretty pinks that really balance out the look.

love at first site: young spark lipglass (a "neutral pink with subtle gold pearl"), northern light mineralize skinfinish ("mid-tone pink with rust and grey brown veining"), and ether mineralize eyeshadow ("deep aqua with silver, black and gold veining").

rushmetal: gold and gold-infused colors.

what the collection includes: 4 lipsticks, 8 pigments, and 2 brushes.

first impressions: be careful or you might end up looking like david bowie. that said, if used properly this collection can make you stand out in the right ways.

love at first site: copperized pigment (olive green with gold pearl)

after playing with them this weekend i hope to have more thorough advice on these sets. thank you thank you thank you to mac (especially heather) for providing me with the collections!


Anonymous said...

What exactly is a skinfinish? Is it a blush, bronzer, powder?

Anonymous said...

I love the marbelized eyeshadow! I'm looking for something shimmery and I was wondering if the eyeshadow is irridescent and two toned or a more subtle sparkle?

makeup loves me said...

great question! skinfinish can be any of the above! it is great for highlighting cheekbones and above the browbone!

makeup loves me said...

the eyeshadow's colors really blend to become one subtle shimmery color. it's a beautiful effect!

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