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fall fashion preview! (guest bloggist)

Hello friends! I'm here to offer some tips for getting ahead of the curve as we wind down summer and head into fall. While it may seem a bit early, just remember, fashion never sleeps. What's hot today will end up hidden in your closet with your capri pants tomorrow. With a little bit of foresight you can stay stunning as the weather cools and never worry about appearing on Ugly Outfits NYC, a website of unfortunate fashion choices, taken from the streets of New York. Fall is always an interesting season for fashion, motivated partly by the reality of the weather as it is by looking fabulous. But fear not! Keeping these tips in mind you'll be turning heads in no time.

1. Sleek Silhouettes

A change from the bubble skirts and flowing lines of summer, fall will be emphasizing a much narrower shape. While bulkier clothing becomes somewhat unavoidable, there are lots of options for the fashion forward. Belted coats and tailored dresses will keep you warm and stylish. The ever popular Marc Jacobs show us how it's done:

2. Hats are where it's at!
This fall you'll be covering your head in style as hats are going to be a must have accessory for the fashionable. Designers have been exhibiting a wide range of styles, but make no doubt about it, hats are where it's at. I won't predict which style will flourish, as different outfits work with different things. Some designers, like Vera Wang, opt for a simple look with nothing more than a head scarf. Fur is always going to be on the runways, but for a simpler look, I turn to the elegant, low pulled style shown at Proenza Schouler:

3. Chunky sweaters

While dresses are slimming down, sweaters will be doing just the opposite. Chunky knits will be everywhere, in both sleek profile and looser, more comfortable cuts. These choices pose a potential pitfall when choosing an outfit, however. They work best with slim lines because without everything looks baggy, something that's rarely a good look. (Apologies to all the gangsta rappers I just offended.) Calvin Klein offers a great example of the slim dress, chunky sweater look:

4. 80's revival - zippers

It seems like every season these days something from the 80's gets brought back into vogue and fall is no exception. Exposed zippers will be de rigueur, whether highlighted in bright colors or simple black. The 80's colors that have become more popular of late will remain, but only in the form of accessories. I predict, however, that they will be less ubiquitous in New York than in Europe. This Derek Lam number uses the exposed zipper to add some much needed flair to a vast expanse of gray:

5. Colors

Colors are always more restrained in the fall and this year is no exception. The dominant color combination on the runways was a classic, navy blue and black. This can be something as simple as adding a black belt to a blue ensemble or putting a blue cardigan on top of a black dress. Creating color combinations that stand out is difficult when you're starting with such muted colors, so make sure you create a contrast between colors in your outfit. Use lighter blues when adding color to a black base and darker blues as a base when adding black. Restraint is important, however, as even muted colors can look garish if matched improperly. Anna Sui uses a light blue pattern to on top of black to make both colors stand out:

So there you have it, a quick look at the styles you'll be seeing more of come fall. Hope these gave you some ideas to keep your clothes looking hip!


Anonymous said...

Your guest blogger talked about how hats are in this season. Can you touch on what styles are in?

makeup loves me said...

excellent question! i checked in with guest bloggist jameson and he says several vintage-inspired looks will be popular in hats this fall. particularly those with a 1940's feel. thanks for reading!

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