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facial at georgette klinger: a mixed review

before heading off to the glamorous jersey shore this weekend, i decided that my tired skin needed a facial! spaweek indicated a july special ($100 facial for $85) at georgette klinger, so i booked with them. from the start, i was a bit concerned, as the receptionist tried to tell me they do not participate in spa week, then put me on hold, and told me to bring a print out of the spa week email. however, once i arrived for my treatment i was pleasantly surprised by the spa's huge space on madison ave btwn 52nd and 53rd.

the facial:
the facial itself was amazing! it was a 9 step treatment that left my skin looking incredible. it lasted an hour and a half and was definitely worth $85. the extractions were thorough and the facialist followed them with a high frequency treatment, which i had never had before. the device used looked like a vibrator and felt like mini electrical shocks, but she said it was good for treating areas with recurring breakouts, and so far her results seem to be better than my dermatologist's. these fantastic treatments were slightly marred by the hard sell that ran throughout the facial. she asked me three times if i wanted to upgrade to a more expensive facial and pushed tons of products. however, the results are so flawless, i don't know if i care about the pushy tactics.

it would've been a 5, if they didn't push so hard...

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