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makeup lesson: applying fake lashes

applying fake lashes can be tricky, and if done improperly can get very messy. after getting myself into many sticky situations, here are the tips i wish to share with you:

1. it doesn't really matter which brand of lashes you buy (though shu uemura's tokyo lash bar collection is an absolutely gorgeous collection), the two things that matter most are how you fit the lashes and the glue you use.
2. with that in mind you want to trim the lashes, from the side where the lashes are longer. make the lash line a bit shorter than your actual lash line (not than your eye, which is much longer than that). essentially the lashes should be much shorter than you originally estimate.
3. a lot of glues get gunky and tacky, so be sure you invest in a good lash glue. since i added shu uemura's eyelash adhesive (only $8.50!) my success rate has gone way up. it is still going strong and i've had it for about 6 months and used it on at least 8 occasions!
4. apply the glue evenly and allow to it to dry for about 30 seconds before putting the lashes on, then close one eye and stick the lashes as close to your natural lash line as possible, holding them in place for about 30 more seconds. release and open eye!
5. be sure you apply eyeshadow before lashes, and eyeliner after. often it is a good idea to pair black liquid liner with false lashes as the liner can be used to cover any excess glue gunk and goes nicely with the dramatic look of false lashes. also, be sure to apply mascara to lower lashes so that they will not look too stubby by comparison!

if have any questions about the steps i've outlined, or something i didn't address, just leave a comment and i will be glad to answer!


Anonymous said...

great advice...do you have any input on using a lash applicator?

makeup loves me said...

hi! i have the sephora lash applicator kit, but since i got the shu uemura glue, i actually find it easier to do apply lashes without an applicator!

Kate said...

Thanks! I had a great makeup lesson from a salon in Austin - http://www.joseluissalon.com - and have been using the techniques they showed me for a few years now.

I like this article - it shows a lot of good ways to apply fake lashes safely - and many of the steps are things that people overlook the first time they apply them.

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