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some more musing.

so lately i've been m.i.a. but i have tons of excuses for you! first of all, i've been away from my laptop on summer vacation, spending tons of time out of the hot, humid city and at beautiful fire island.

and i've been going through the horrors of finding a new apartment in manhattan. i have been using my profound understanding of craiglist, um, so if anyone has any other tips, let me know.

also, i've been trying to increase my omega-3 intake. south beach diet doctor, arthur agatston, proclaims omega-3 to be the secret to beauty, and i believe him. apparently, omega-3 can help increase the health of skin, nails and hair (wow!) and help with weight loss, as well as decrease risk of cardiovascular disease, lower blood pressure and triglyceride levels and prevent dry eyes.

want to be pretty, too?
omega-3 is in:
-flax seeds
-fish (especially salmon)
-squash (try raw pumpkin seeds)

finally, on the 4th friday of every month i am bringing in a guest bloggist who has some angle different from mine. tomorrow's guest is a dear (and absolutely beautiful, seriously, listen to anything she tells you!) friend of mine from college. she lives in boston, so she can give you some insight on the beauty hot spots there. enjoy!

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