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hot body alert!

i recently learned some very disapppointing news, running burns less calories than you think! for each mile a 125 pound woman runs she only burns 81 calories, so put that cheeseburger down! to find out how many calories you burn while running, based on your weight and distance click here.


Anonymous said...

Although that is true, you forgot to mention that not only does exercise tone your body (even though you may not lose weight), but your body burns more calories/hour during rest with regular exercise. So over the long run you will burn more and lose weight. Also, in this humid weather remember to stay hydrated. By the time you feel thirsty, you are already mildly dehydrated. So drink plenty before you exerise. Keep Running!!

makeup loves me said...

thank you for the additional info and encouragement! i will keep up with running, but i did want to remind me readers not to use running as an excuse to eat too much junk!

Tiffany said...

also, running can be super rewarding and do a lot for you mentally. i'm proud of you!

Anonymous said...

I agree...we will feel better and look healthier if we pass on the junk and exercise more.

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