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makeup lesson: audrey hepburn eye

today i wandered in to sephora, as i am known to do, expecting to browse around and vaguely looking for a pearly peach-pink eyeshadow. so somehow i end up with this lovely lady who works for vincent longo, a makeup line i've never really considered that much, to be honest with you. well, this genius woman ended up giving me an hour long personal makeup lesson! she gave me the best "audrey hepburn eye" i have ever seen.
her tips were the following:

1. use an eyeshadow primer.
2. set it with pressed powder.
3. use frosty, neutral shades to create a neat base.
4. this one is the most important: do not use the brush that comes with liquid liner! instead apply the liner to a precision eyeliner brush.


Lydia said...

Thanks for the tips!

Mikaella said...

Thanks for sharing the tips.

Anonymous said...

This was very helpfull as me and my very best friend are having a joint party and im gouing as her thnxzz x

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