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now that its about to finally start feeling like spring, lets get your outer glow going. like every beauty magazine ever, im going to recommend you smooth up for spring by exfoliating. the two most important things to remember about exfoliation are the following:

1. scrub the exfoliating product on dry skin then wait for minutes before rinsing it off in the shower, rather than applying it after you've aready gotten wet. im no scientist, but for some reason this seems to work best. i dont know why and im not going to try to invent a reason. but trust me, it works.

2. if you don't have a nice exfoliating product, you can make on quite easily with things you probably have around your kitchen. almost all exfoliating recipes consist of the following: either sugar or coarse salt (like sea or kosher salt), fresh citrus juice (lemon or lime), your chosen fragrance(think: either add a couple drips of an essential oil you like or if you like ginger you can just grate some in) and some fatty fat (either olive oil or cream). have fun, beauties!

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