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let spring cleaning commence!

happy monday!
i hope you all a great passover/holy week!

as promised, this week will be about getting ready for spring and summer with spring cleaning ideas. it may not feel like spring, but apparently it is. since traditionally spring cleaning starts with your house/apartment/dorm/other dwelling, and since i'm a very traditional girl, that's where i'll start as well. i have managed to whittle down my vast ramblings on household cleaning to three very important tips:

1. as annoying as this may be, you have to start your cleaning in the places where no one will even see that you did it! go through all your cabinets, drawers, closets (and of course your refrigerator) and get rid of as much as possible; old receipts, things your never going to use or things that you have unnecessary duplicates of. especially if you live in new york, you have no room for unwanted/unneeded stuff, so be critical. once you've thrown away these things, look to clutter on your tables and around your apartment (particularly if you have "stacks" on your floor), go through this clutter, see which things you want to get rid off, and move the remaining items into your newly open spaces!

2. it is also might be time to rearrange your furniture. if you have a piece that you can't stand, get rid of it! i recently sold my couch on craigslist and this made it easier to move the whole living room around. if you are happy with your current furniture arrangement, at least change your throw pillows to match the new season! keeping things exactly the same can make you feel stuck, whereas changing the look of your home activates your mind.

3. dedicate one load of laundry to all "household items". wash your bath matt, your kitchen towels and pot holders, curtains, living room blanket, etc. it needs to be done, and i know you don't do it often enough!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Spring cleaning is a great way to clear you mind (and your apartment!!) Open you windows and open your mind. Keep up the great tips!

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