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landing stripped.

with this change in weather its time to start thinking about what bikini season holds in store for us. i have tried several nyc spas known for their amazing brazilian waxes. my favorite is shobha. a friend recommended it and i haven't used another since. shobha is mainly a threading salon but their brazilian is thorough and neat (fact not for the shy: in order to get any tiny hairs they thread after the wax). the next day i am always free of any irritation. costs around $50 for a full brazilian.

j sisters , which many celebs frequent, gets a lot of press but i just did not think there was anything exceptional about the wax, definitely nothing that would make it worth the cost and their largely unfriendly staff. costs over $70 for a full brazilian.

another place i would recommend, though not as highly as shobha, is j'adore day spa (whose website is impossible to find, but their contact info can be found here. they have a interesting technique which involves "lamaze" breathing to help with the pain. which is fun, and their wax is super cheap. but for whatever reason i don't think the wax lasted as long, within a week i started to see a bit of regrowth. costs around $30 for the full, so its still worth it.

now you can get bikini-baring ready, beauties!

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Monica said...

what do u think of completely bare its a little expensive but the results are amazing!

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