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viva italia!

this friday im headed to sorrento italy for two weeks. from what i hear they are known for having massive lemons.

other than that, i dont know much about what wonders i can buy there, so any hints on what i should be picking up while im there are more than welcome! either post in comments or email me -- makeuplovesme@gmail.com

this also means that my blog will be on hiatus from march 10-23rd. however, when i return it will be in full effect! ciao bellas!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Your blog about Sorrento reminds me of the Fete du Citron, a two week celebration of citrus fruit and today is the last day of the festival this year. It happens in the city of Menton, a small town on the southern coast of France. The main garden of the city becomes filled with huge sculptures made from lemons and oranges.

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