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review: aveeno protect + hydrate SPF 50.

{beach day needs}

oh beauties, where have i been?  the answer to that is far longer and more winding than the space of this post.  i debated getting into the details with you, but perhaps another time.  or perhaps never.  one thing i like about my blog is that it's concentrated on the beautiful things in my life.  i can come here and see many, many things that i love - great lipsticks, wonderful evenings with a favorite brand and old friends.  it's not about my whole life, and that's ok.  it's not about what is complicated or frustrating or doesn't go according to plan.  suffice it to say, there has been plenty of that lately.  but there's also been plenty of great and beautiful things. 

this weekend i got to visit my parents and relax for a few days in rhode island (where i captured the above instagram -- username:  makeuplovesme).  having schedule-free days to wander by the shoreline and eating summer seafood felt great.  and to somehow bring it back to the topic of this blog, i did use aveeno protect + hydate SPF 50 for many long walks on the beach, and i'm happily sunburn free.


update to secret clinical strength.

{pick secret, we'll pick you up}
{riding in comfort}

for you beauties who follow me on instagram you may know that my husband and i bought a house a few short weeks ago -- and while exciting it has also been an overwhelming process (which had been keeping me away from my blog, sadly).  there are still boxes everywhere, to the point where i can't even figure out where my mascara is.  that's right -- i've been seen in public without mascara for almost 3 weeks.  if that doesn't explain the level of chaos here, i'm not sure what will.

i may be without mile-high lashes, however the product i canNOT live without right now is antiperspirant.   between rushing around setting up the house (how many times can one go to ikea?), and commuting, and just, summer - i'm sweating.  for my very first NYC secret offered to pick me up, and tell me a little about what's new with the brand.

i learned that women go through 500 ups and down in a day -- and based on how i've been feeling lately, i'd believe it.  accompanying these shifts in mood are shifts in perspiration, which is why secret has updated it's clinical strength formula to adapt and respond to these changes.  think of it as mood deodorant.

on shelves across the country.


new: sally hansen zodiac polishes.

{leo in rio, with a touch of pisces of me}

what's your zodiac sign?  is the question all my favorite beauty brands have asking of late.  beauty by astrology is a major force this summer, and as a horoscope aficionado, i'm into it!

last night i went to paintbox to celebrate sally hansen's new zodiac-inspired polish collection.  the polishes have built-in base and top coat, simplifying the multi-step manicure process.  though i'm a proud gemini, i was drawn to leo in rio - a bright orange-y red, with a little accent of teal, or pisces of me. the combination reminds me of the little mermaid.

the shades:
  • tempting taurus seafoam green
  • geminicello buttery yellow
  • cancer moon shimmering nude
  • leo in rio orange red
  • viro-go-go pink pale pink
  • lady libra-ty light blue
  • scorpio sizzle fuchsia
  • plumtarius rich purple
  • cup o'capricorn nude
  • age of aquarius teal
  • pisces of me  jade
  • cherries to my aries classic red

this collection lends itself to mix and match.  i suggest you use your sign as the backdrop, then dedicate a nail or two to someone special!  perhaps an accent finger for your beau, or a friend on her wedding day. 


review: clinique aromatics in white, saks exclusive.

{bottled elegance}

say hello to a complex, sophisticated, adult women's perfume.  clinique's new fragrance - aromatics in white - is a marked outlier in a market over-saturated with floral and fruity scents.  this woodsy musky perfume smells nothing like the last several dozen fragrances i've tested.  i recently attended a breakfast where the menu took it's inspiration from the fragrance.  we had rose petal yogurt, sichuan pepper donuts, and orange flower tea scones -- it was heavenly.  aromatics in white, you are a welcome change in pace.

accord:  violet leaf,, cistus, and sichuan pepper.
middle notes:  rose water essential, orange flower and patchouli heart
bottom notes:  amber gris, skin musk and benzoin

available now, exclusively at saks fifth avenue.  available at clinique counters nationwide starting in october 2015.  $58 for 50mL.

{ideal start to a tuesday morning}


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