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review: neutrogena hydro boost gel-cream eye.

{so good}
i've been tearing through eye cream in 2015.  i used to only remember to apply eye cream when my eyes were particularly puffy.  any single eye cream would last me months.  as part of my skincare resolution i've been applying twice a day, and going through tubes and jars of the stuff.  when one is dependent on something that is often expensive, it is important to find a wallet-friendly version that they love just as much.

my lovely friends aly and bryce invited me to watch the oscars red carpet in a suite at the langham hotel, plus try out the latest skincare from neutrogena with mini-facials.  my eyes were particularly tight and puffy when i arrived from a busy week (fashion week/work/life had been particularly taxing).  after having my makeup removed and the neutrogena hydro boost gel-cream eye applied i actually looked better than i did with a full face of makeup.  my dry, tired skin looked hydrated, my face looked fresh and refreshed.   

the key ingredient in this product is dermatologist favorite hyaluronic acid.   this lightweight gel-cream is meant for morning and night (perfect for me!).  it's also less than $20 a tube. 


review: aveeno daily moisturizing body wash.

{so good}
i'm more of a body wash than bar soap girl.  however, anything with color or scent is too drying for my already-totally-parched skin.  since it's freezing out (as i'm guessing you've heard one hundred billion times in a million places), and freezing weather is drying for skin, i cannot afford to use a wash that would make my skin a drop drier.  ergo, i need a body wash that is unscented and gentle.  it's simple math.

that's why i'm exclusively washing with aveeno daily moisturizing body wash.  this oatmeal-based wash not only prevents further irritation, it soothes skin, aiding to clear minor redness.  it does have a very mild scent to it.  it smells clean and modern, not at like what one may expect from an oatmeal wash. 

6 fl ounces for $6.99 on aveeno.com.

editor's note:  i am a brand ambassador for aveeno.  my role with the brand is unpaid, and all opinions expressed are my own.


review: softlips cube.

{pomegranate blueberry}
if every other post on this site lately is about some form of lip balm, that's because lately i need all the hydration!  the weather outside is frightful, and my lips (and skin) require a million times more product to moisturize than usual.

softlips cube has proven to be an excellent hydrator.  the formula is rich in shea butter and vitamins A, C, and E to restore lips back to their pre-cracked state.  it also contains SPF 15, which is nice because even though it's freezing the sun manages to be fierce.  while the formula is color-free, it still leaves lips with a subtle sheen.   my favorite part may be the delivery system.  it looks like a fancy ice cube, and because the balm is popped outward it can be applied hand-free

available in pomegranate blueberry, fresh mint (my favorite), and vanilla bean $4 at softlipsstore.com.


review: CND vinylux weekly polish.

{shades used:  butterfly queen #190 + blush teddy #182 with accents of wisteria haze #193}

if you happened to run into my last week then you probably found yourself in a discussion about CND vinylux manicure.  i can't stop talking about it! 

CND invited me to try out the newest shades of their vinylux weekly polish at paintbox (one of my favorite spots for nail designs), with a manicure inspired by one of the looks CND created for the spring/summer 2015 fashion week shows.  i chose a design loosely fashioned on the one they created for the blonds show (see the original nails below).  i quickly fell involve both the nail art and the polish itself.

i initially was worried it would be a waste of time getting designs on nails that weren't gel, but CND assured me the vinylux polish lasts a full 7 days.  i actually ended up getting 9 days out my look before serious chipping set in.  the polish also continues to harden on your nails the longer you wear it, which helped to protect my seriously brittle tips.  best of all, unlike gel, it doesn't require any light or special equipment to set the polish, and it removes easily at-home with ordinary nail polish remover.

available through CND's pro line

{my inspiration from the blonds show, gives meaning to the phrase "more is more"}


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