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review: fresh creme ancienne.

{to look less ancient}
a rich moisturizer feels so cozy at end of a chilly day.   now that the sun is setting at 4:30pm (ugh!), and the frigid air feels painful against my skin, being home for the night is truly thrilling.  of late, the thing i'm most looking forward to is getting into my warmest PJ set, and layering fresh creme ancienne on my face and neck.

creme ancienne draws it's inspiration from the antediluvian; the formula is based on earth's oldest moisturizer.  the making requires not just precise measures of each ingredient, but that the exact sequence and temperature at which each can be added be consistent.  in order to achieve this precision fresh has entrusted only the monks.  it's made exclusively in a monastery, and the results are otherworldly.  the rich cream feels positively pillowy on my wind-bitten face.

cream ancienne is $280 at fresh.com.

bonus:  i use emptied fresh jars as storage for makeup brushes. 


review: hanes comfortflex fit fuller coverage wirefree bra.

{underwear re-up}

beauties, 2014 is nearly over.  as you may recall my fashion resolution for this year was to makeover my bra and underwear wardrobe (to revisit that post click here).  the gist being that i wanted to open my undergarment drawer and feel like every piece was comfortable or beautiful, or ideally both.

while i still agree with the sentiment of my original post, it overlooks one important element when one plans to make over an entire sector of their wardrobe - cost!  while i have added some elegant, high-end lingerie to my closet over the past 10 months, it simply isn't practical to stock my wardrobe with only such items.  in order to update my closet i needed to find some low cost, but still grown up and pretty, fillers.

that's why discovering the hanes comfortflex fit fuller coverage wirefree bra last month felt like a godsend.   this is the most comfortable and also fairly cute bra for only $14.  this bra has no underwire, which makes it easy to wear even after 14+ hour day.  it comes in 4 colors - white, nude, navy and black, all with subtle polka dots (the navy is pictured above).  i already have navy and black, and plan to purchase other other 2 shades before the year is out, because i simply can't get enough of this wearable bra. 

visit hanes.com to get your own.


review: acuvue define contact lenses.

{look into my eyes}

ever want your eyes to just be a little bit more?  acuvue define is the latest twist on eye-enhancing contacts, offering a subtle but noticeable difference.  rather than changing eye color the lenses work to intensify the wearer's own eye hue

acuvue define contacts have an enhanced limbal ring (the dark circle around the colored part, or iris, of the eye).  a more defined limbal ring makes eyes look both larger and more inviting.  it's a subtle social cue that draws others in.

the new lenses also offer additional spokes in the iris , increasing the definition and depth within ones own eye color.  the amount of shading varies with three different color options, from more subtle to more intense.  major bonus:  they all also have SPF!

{the lens}

available in both vision correction and non-vision correction.  the lenses are available in 15 states currently, and will be available nationwide spring 2015.  visit https://www.acuvue.com/define to find to the location nearest you.


review: vitafusion gummy women's vitamins.

{eat me}
the cool, dry air of fall makes my nails supremely brittle.  once october sets in i typically cant go a day without a nail fracture.  while i don't always get into multivitamins i was particularly excited about vitafusion's women's version for 2 reasons:
  1. they contain biotin, which supports nail and hair growth.
  2. they taste like gummy candies!
the biotin is absolutely effective in reversing my fall nail woes.  after taking the vitamin for 2 weeks my nails were longer than i'd ever thought possible by natural means.   i was starting to grow talons, in the best way possible!  however i was also taking 6, rather than the recommended 2, vitamins a day.  this was due to their delicious berry flavor, and poor self control.  however the excess of biotin caused me to breakout.  so do yourself a favor and stick to the prescribed amount (which, again, is 2 gummies a day).  my nail growth on the current dose is not quite as impressive, but my skin is much better.

what i've learned from this is that i'm much more likely to actually take a vitamin if it's a gummy, albeit perhaps too likely.  visit gummyvites.com/vitafusion to learn more.

{outtake from my afternoon with vitafusion, and blogging bestie aly walansky}


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