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where to buy korean sheet masques.

{a girl has options}

lately my whole instagram TL is wearing korean sheet masques.  east asian beauty has become wildly popular for it's unusual ingredients (snail or placenta, anyone?), efficacy, and wonderfully adorable packaging. many of my blogger friends swear by weekly applications, and i will often get a text if anyone is travelling to asia to check if there is anything i want picked up.  until recently taking up valuable real estate space in the suitcases of friends and acquaintances was the only way i knew to purchase these coveted masques.  then two weeks ago i learned about beauteque.

beauteque makes it very easy to buy and try a range of korean and east asian skincare and cosmetic products stateside.  they sell individually packaged masques starting at $1.80.  at those rates, i prefer to mix and match a cart full of treats.  however, they also offer a very appealing monthly subscription service, which includes 6-11 products.

to explore their huge range of one-of-a-kind products and learn more about their subscription options click here.

{the start of my collection from beauteque, the tomato mask keeps it real, m'kay?}


review: aveeno skin relief gentle scent nourishing coconut body wash + lotion.

{clean as a coconut}

whenever i'm asked what body care i recommend for dry, sensitive or eczema-prone skin the answer is always aveeno.  it's gentle, effective, and free of heavy colors and scents that can be irritating.  it can then also end up seeming a little boring.

the gentle scent line introduces mild, non-irritating scents that make good body care a little more fun.  it's the right combination of effective (hydrating, cleansing, non-irritating), and gratifying.   both the body wash and the lotion are available in nourishing coconut or soothing oat and chamomile.  i use nourishing coconut and it is the perfect amount of coconut - enough to remind me of the tropics, not so much that i feel like i'm inside an almond joy.  plus it's nice to have a body care fragrance option that's not floral or fruity or vanilla-y.

on shelves now.


new: MAC cosmetics flamingo park.

{among the flamingos}
{pink on pink}

{on pink, on pink}

few things are as thrilling as a MAC collection that sticks to a theme.  it's been a little while since i've been this excited about one of their collections.  flamingo park has me visiting the MAC site several times a day just for a gaze.  the collection is an ode to all things shockingly pink.

i found the collection especially useful for escapist fantasies about warmer weather, and for selecting a signature pink lip for spring 2016.    a new, bright lipstick is a wonderful thing.  flocking fabulous is described by MAC as a bright coral red.  i'd say it hits that sweet spot where neon red and neon pink meet.  i played around with pairing it with a few of the collection's powdered blush options.  i like what i fancy.

MAC flamingo park collection is available online now, or in stores on 2/4/16.  

{my flamingo park swatches}


trend: color changing lipstick.

{truth or dare}

welcome back, 1994!  90's themes are cropping up all over fashion and beauty.  from grunge, to nude tones, to platform shoes - my feed some days looks like the delia*s catalog.

one of my faves is color-changing lipstick. color morph is a trend that delighted me as a child - i was a collector of freaky freezies gloves and mood rings - and it continues to enchant me as an adult.

i first noticed the reemergence with lipstick queen's frog prince, a green bullet that turns pink on the wearer. then this past fall dolce+gabbana released light blue 185 lipstick, which i haven't tried but is supposed to impart an iridescent hue, rather than an icy blue.  i also set my on eye on fran wilson moodmatch crayola 10 piece set, which looks exactly like a box of lipstick crayons, except each bold shade turns to a softer hue ranging from nudes to pinks to purples on the lips of the beholder.

out of the many options, i'm currently partial to fran wilson moodgloss.  it goes on clear and turns a different shade of pink depending on the wearer.  for me a soft rose hue.  the only downside is the need to reapply, as they color stays even after the glossiness has wiped off, and it's a hue that looks best on slick lips.

{whatever suits the mood}


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