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barbie holiday gifts 2014.

{me and dina kidnapping holiday barbie}

{holiday barbie display}
i can't help it.  i love barbiestyle coalition invited me to soiree in honor of barbie's holiday 2014 options, including the annual collector 2014 barbie and the barbie fashion design maker doll.  the annual collector doll is a classic (as one would guess) complete with a red ballgown.  the fashion design maker doll allows one to design barbie outfits on the computer, print them out at home and stick them right on the doll.  the evening was complete with hands-on demos, holiday cocktails and barbie-themed manicures.

to see all of the barbie's holiday gift ideas for click here.

{me, designing a cat-themed barbie outfit}
{my barbie mani}


NIVEA get more for $1 challenge.

{dream creme team}

NIVEA cream is sort of like it's own rorschach test.  everyone has it's own little use for this rich, classic, creme.  over the past 7 days i've used it to:
  • heal my cracked cuticles
  • repair my scaly legs
  • fix the itchy skin around my nose from sniffling
  • treat winter feet -- works best my putting on thick socks afterwards to let it soak in
  • tame flyaways - crazy weather has me on static watch, smooth out crazy hair with a tiny pinch of the creme
  • as a bathroom fixture -- the minimalist tin has a vintage-y appearance
  • as a stocking stuffer!  

plus, the 30mL tin retails for just $1.


hard candy holiday 2014 ornaments.

{stocking stuffer supreme}

 hard candy has an impressive selection of holiday 2014 palettes and sets.  a quick trip to walmart (hard candy's exclusive retailer) could easily easily take care of many gifts - especially if you know a lot of glitter lovers.  i'm particularly enamored with their tree ornaments.  the disco ball/lip glosses retail for $3 (for 4 pieces) and the mini polishes and mini glosses (not pictured) are $1 apiece.  a better deal, with more utility (gloss/polish, ornament, stocking stuffer), would be hard to find!   


dolce + gabbana holiday collection 2014.

{seeing red}
dolce + gabbana's 2014 holiday collection is breathtaking.  it's truly my favorite collection i've seen in months.  the small, yet elegant, collection is a nod the brand's heritage, using the ancient coin and iconic red motifs.  the cherry red enamel powder cases feel like more of a collector's item than for one for daily use.  though if i could get over the guilt of destroying the detailed coin visage carrying this compact around would feel fantastic.  any piece (though particularly the compacts) would make a wonderful gift for a makeup lover.  

  • glow bronzing powder in desert, $51
  • glow illuminating powder in eva, $51
  • shine lipstick in pure red, $33
  • perfect mono cream eye color available in pure bronze and pure gold, $36
  • intense nail lacquer in lover, $25


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