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how to minimize red skin.

{seeing red}

beauties i recently fell prey to a stomach bug, from which i'm still recovering.  i will spare you the details, but it has left me with no desire to indulge in my favorite past-time, red wine.  which is why i felt at least somewhat vindicated when dr. rosemarie ingleton shared skipping the red as one of her tips to fight redness/rosacea.  here is full list of her tips:
  • avoid foods that cause flush (caffeine, red wine, hot sauce)
  • apply SPF 30 or greater daily
  • cover up in extreme weather (scarfs in wind)
  • avoid prolonged heat exposure (saunas, sunbathing, bikram)
  • select non-irritating skin products (avoid witch hazel)
dr. ingleton is the dermatologist with eucerin, one of my favorite brands for sensitive skin concerns.  the eucerin redness relief line is specifically designed for rosacea and redness.  the night cream is the perfect overnight cure for blotchy skin.  available nationwide.


red revival: clairol + james corbett studio.

{active ingredients}
since giving up my auburn hair three years ago (which i had for four years, and colored at home religiously with clairol, read how here), i have sometimes longed for those bright gingery locks

i decided i wanted a hint of my old red, mixed in with my natural brown.  when i told james corbett at the eponymous salon these feelings, his thoughts were more "go big or go home".  after some discussion i agreed to go all the way red, using clairol nice 'n easy light auburn (110).  in order to give it a more natural look, james also painted some pieces close to my face with nice n' easy natural light ash blonde (9A)

i was initially shocked by my the red reveal, but quickly warmed up to the look.  even though the change seemed dramatic to me, most people remark on how natural the color looks.  plus, redheads have more fun.

{red and ready}
single process at home color with clairol is incredibly easy and quick.  to learn how to do face framing highlights at home check out mary cona's color duo technique video.


things to try this april.

1. always sheer liners - when spring comes i switch to a significantly smaller purse (see #2), meaning i need to pare down my handbag essentials.  a stack of these liners is so thin that it takes up almost no space at all - leaving my limited purse space free, but keeping me prepared for any surprises. 

2. the cambridge satchel company fluorescent satchel - i will always love neon, though think it is usually best in small doses.  this purse is my new spring neutral.  available on the j crew site.

3. pickled lemon - is something i discovered by way of a blue apron recipe.  all it requires is dicing a whole lemon - skin and all - stirring 1 tablespoon of sugar and 1 tablespoon of salt and letting it sit for 1/2 hour.  the fresh and flavorful compote is now my favorite topping for spring fish dishes.

4. l'occitane neroli + orchidee candle -  l'occitane has added a new scent to la collection de grasse - their line of dual note fragrances.  neroli + orchidee combines two precious white flowers, one from the mediterranean and one from madagascar.  i love to burn the candle with the window open for a breezy, balmy island evening ambiance.

5. korres showergel in jasmine - i can't get enough of feminine florals all year round, but that goes into overdrive in spring.  this unadulterated jasmine really captures what many (myself amongst them) consider to be the sexiest floral.



{off we go}
i'm taking the #aveenodailychallenge to get healthier this spring.   for the next three weeks i'll be eating more fruits and vegetables (i'm going for 5 serving/day).  even more challenging, i'll moisturizing every day with aveeno daily moisturizing lotion.

both of these things will be tricky for me - it's so easy to grab food on the go that is devoid of nutrients.  and even though my skin has been totally dessicated by the winter weather, daily moisturizing is a habit i've never picked up.  i went to trader joe's and stocked up on grapefruits, tomatoes and cucumbers so that i'd have some healthy choices around, and i'm trying to apply lotion immediately after the shower.  

follow my challenges on twitter - @makeuplovesme.  to see the other bloggers participating visit the aveeno facebook page.

editor's note:  please be advised that this challenge is part of a campaign sponsored by aveeno.  all opinions are my own.


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