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butter london + allure: the arm candy collection.

{arm candy}
butter london + allure collaborated 10 new nail polish shades based on the fall trends.   the range of neutrals and bolds, and the exact hues they chose feel chillingly retro and current all at once.  looking at the collection gives me a fluttering back-to-school feeling.

the line up:
  • nude stilettos - sheer pink - nude, creme
  • statement piece - opaque orange - red, creme
  • i'm on the list - rose gold, metallic
  • it's vintage - opaque rust, creme
  • disco nap - charcoal, glitter
  • lust or must? - opaque charcoal brown, creme
  • so major! - loden green, shimmer
  • the sweet spot- opaque, dusty pink, creme
  • violet's revenge - opaque blue - purple, creme
  • front row - opaque wine, creme

while at the release party i couldn't help but get an artful manicure using some of the shades.

{pared-down nail art}
collection available now at nordstrom, butterlondon.com, ULTA, and sephora.  $15 a piece.


review: dove summer care beauty bar.

{clean for summer}

my husband only uses dove soap.  we buy the traditional dove beauty bars by the case.   any time there's a variation on the original dove i'm eager to try it, just to change things up a bit.  this season dove has created a special beauty bar just for summer called summer care.  i couldn't wait to make that our official soap of the season.

summer care is a hydrating formula, designed for skin spent days in wind and sun.  it's also a bit more exfoliating than the original beauty bar, with tiny flecks of exfoliating scrub built in.  the scent is totally unique - citrus, a rich floral bouquet and voluptuous vanilla and amber.

i love the idea that this soap, like the long hot days of summer, is a fleeting treat.  it's here to be savored for the next few months, then tucked away as a happy memory.   available now.


review: covergirl the super sizer by lastblast.

{lash love}
it's been a minute since i found a mascara that i just loved.  the sort of mascara you can't wait to tell a friend about.   well, that time has come again.

covergirl the super sizer by lashblast is just that sort of mascara.  it has lift, separation, and volume -- all for a drugstore price.  that's pretty much what i (or any sane person) am looking for in a mascara.  i want it to seem like i have lash extensions, without actually sitting still for an hour plus.  this mascara achieves that it.  it my new go-to (in very black) and should be yours, too.

available in brown black, black, and very black.  SRP $6.85.


'blame it on NARS' true NARS lip pencil set.


it's weird, and weirdly comforting, that even during an unsettling time a new makeup treat can still fill me with joy.   that's how i felt last week, when i got an early sample of the 'blame it on NARS' true NARS lip pencil set.  for a fleeting, but very real, moment i felt like the luckiest girl in the world.  i think that's part of what i love about beauty, it's a promise of hope and excitement often presented in perfect packaging.

this set includes:
  • yu shocking pink (permanent collection)
  • luxembourg vivid watermelon (permanent collection)
  • provocative red fuchsia rose (limited edition)
  • NARS pencil sharper
provocative red initially looked too brown for my taste -- but turns out it is the perfect rosy hue.  just brown enough to hint at the 90s, but sheer enough to be modern.  my favorite thing to do with this kit is layer any of the above two colors together to create new shades. 

the kit is a nordstrom anniversary sale exclusive$49 ($81 value), available 7/17/15.


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