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new: NARS audacious lipstick.

{NARS lips}
francois nars started his eponymous beauty house with 12 lipstick shades.  20 years later the brand is celebrating their anniversary, and remembering their beginnings, with the release of their new audacious lipstick.  true to NARS, the new formula is pigment-rich and long-wearing. each bullet is embossed with the NARS logo, and housed in a matte-black magnetic case.  available in 40 shades, ranging from sultry, to bold, to amped up neutrals.

{2 hues:  vivien and lana}
i have vivien (red plum, retailer exclusive) and lana (bright orange red).  both of which are irresistible in their own ways.  i love how clean and true to their descriptions the colors wear.

as of 8/15/14, the shades are available on narscosmetics.com, NARS boutiques, and barney's new york.  on 9/1/14 they arrive at sephora, sephora.com, and dept/specialty stores.  happy birthday, NARS!


fancy feast broths.

{i'm so fancy}

don't worry, this isn't turning into a cat blog (yet...).  but don't the fancy feast cat and i look good together?!  i had the (amazing) opportunity to meet her a few weeks ago, at an event launching fancy feast broths, their newest feline treat.

the individual packs contain a soupy mix with real fish.   since twizzler has a somewhat restricted diet her pal mittens ended up get to try the classic flavored broth (tuna, shrimp and whitefish).  according to mittens' human she ate it enthusiastically.  this chicken soup for the kitty cat soul, available in 8 flavors. to learn more visit fancyfeast.com.


new: palmer's cocoa butter men's line.

palmer's cocoa butter chose a most creative way to announce their new men's line- with a screening of the newes hercules movie.  could their be a better fit for a men's line than the demi-god known for masculinity, strength and adventure?  even though it was an action movie (not my preferred genre) i still enjoyed it for the indelible combination of greek mythology and humor

as for palmer's men's line - it introduces 6 face and body products designed for dudes.  all contain cocoa butter and vitamin E, for hydration and skin smoothing.  i think the body & face wash is a particularly genius combination, as most men i speak to seem to use one product for both whether that's it's intended use or not.  get to know the newest products at palmers.com, or on the shelves of local mass market retailers.


review: NIVEA q10 skin firming + toning gel-cream.

{q10 life}
my friend dina recently responded to the constant refrain that "summer is almost over!" with the fact that summer in fact lasts until september 21st, meaning there is over a month of left to enjoy.  it's far from over.  that also means shorts, skirts and dresses will continue to be my (and many people's) wardrobe staples for weeks to come.  while i love the ease of my summer wardrobe, the necessary revealing of excess leg means some added attention to grooming details.  for me, that means at least trying to keep my legs shaved and not scaly.

while i want my skin to look hydrated, there is something about tradition lotions that i just cannot stand in the heat (the goop factor).  light oil mists or gel formulas seem so much fresher.  NIVEA q10 skin firming + toning gel-cream is a fast-drying gel that also seems to give an instant, subtle tightening, just a tiny squeeze.  after 2 weeks of consistent use it helps to smooth and tone skin, which i see as an added bonus to a lotion whose texture i already adore for summer.

available at mass market retailers nationwide.  NIVEA q10 line also includes a serum and a lotion.  learn more about the line at niveausa.com.


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