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NARS shop in bloomingdale's 59th.

{little brown makeup bag}

two beauty greats have united.

last week NARS "shop in a shop" opened at bloomingdale's 59th street NYC.  the 300 square foot space is distinctly NARS, including a jungle red cash wrap, chavron flooring, and halo effect mirrors. perhaps the most NARS detail of all - there is a cheek studio!  while others focus on the eye or the lip, NARS gives, indisputably, the best cheek.  visitors can try out the range of iconic NARS blushes, bronzers and multiples.

plus october 17 + 18th 2014 the shop is holding an audacious lipstick event (read my review of the new lipsticks here) for the public.  come by and get your lips on.

to visit simply head to bloomingdale's, 1000 third ave, NY, NY.


new: firefly hello kitty ready go brush + mouthrinse.

{hello, kitties!}
hello kitty is celebrating 40 years as a beloved feline.  or is she?  last month sanrio released a series of confusing statements about whether hello kitty is a cat, a girl, an anthropomorphic cat-girl, or something else (to recap the back and forth click here).  while the whole dialogue was a bit confusing, i understand because i have the same problem with twizzler - cat, girl, superhero (all of the above)?  it's hard to say! 

firefly is celebrating hello kitty's anniversary by honoring her with a toothbrush (actually 4 toothbrush designs) and mouthwash.  both make the perfect mini gifts for any girl under 12, or a hello kitty lover of any age and gender!  peruse the options at fireflytoothbrush.com.


review: fresh sugar cherry shine lip treatment.

{hey, sugar lips!}

fresh has a way of making everything seem covet-able.  i'm fairly certain they could make a product that gradually shortens eyelashes and i'd add it to my wishlist.  that's just how compelling i find them.

fresh shine lip treatments are a newer addition the brand.  the product reminds me of a BB cream for lips, because it offers both immediate and long-term benefits.  the treatment goes on lip a gloss imparting color and shine, while also working to improve lip health and appearance over time. currently available in 4 shades; sugar, sugar rose, sugar honey, and sugar cherry.  i've been testing cherry, which smells like a cherry popsicle, and imparts a similar sheer, slick red tint to lips.

$18.50 at fresh.com.


review: kiehl's super multi-corrective eye-opening serum.

{what i packed for turkey}
every few months i re-discover eye cream, and then wonder why i fell off the wagon with it.  the predictable tale goes like this:  i wake up, find my eyes are puffy slits of fury, start trying eye creams until i find a new favorite, then share it here!  this time around the favorite is kiehl's super multi-corrective eye-opening serum.

"most eye creams and serums address fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles and some loss of elasticity", says dr geoff genesky (head of kiehl's skin care laboratory).  "our research and innovation team wanted to bring true innovation to the aging eye catagory with 5 in 1, true 'eye opening' results."  that's exactly what i'm loving about this eye cream -- the instant eye opening effect.  this cream, plus a lash curler, looks like 12 hours of sleep.  it made the tightly edited list of toiletry essentials on my recent vacation.

$48 at kiehls.com.

editor's note:  press sample received for review.  all opinions are my own.


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