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review: clinique even better brightening moisture mask + pore refining solutions charcoal mask.

{on my face}

lately i've had mysteriously good luck with skin care.  the exact products i'm seeking are getting introduced to the market!  i have wanted a charcoal masque for years.  they are often touted as the absolute best for digging impurities out of pores, and that's exactly what my chin and nose need.

this month clinique has added a pore refining solutions charcoal mask and an even better brightening moisture mask to their offerings.  i immediately decided to use them at the same time -- using the pore refining on the lower half of my face and the brightening moisture on the upper half.  the combination was perfect for my skin!  i could feel the pore refining masque tightening as it dried, clearing out my pores.  the brightening moisture has a soothing, hydrating feel that left my skin radiant.

both masks available at clinique counters, the even better brightening moisture mask sells for $36, and the pore refining solutions charcoal mask is $25.


review: guerlain summer 2015 makeup collection.

{poolside beauty}

the best collections (whether it be makeup, clothing, furniture) transport the potential buyer into their vision.  the pieces fit together and make one long to step inside the creator's vision.  guerlain's summer 2015 collection, inspired by palm beach, immediately drew me into it's fantasy.  i saw myself wearing this collection all summer, i imagined myself with luxurious colorful makeup accents to offset an all white summer wardrobe.

now that i have the nail lacquer and lipsticks in my possession, i'm even more captivated.  all three pieces are limited edition for this collection.  the blue ocean guerlain le vernis nail lacquer is actually not so blue at is teal green.  in fact, the teal green i've been in search of for seasons - vibrant and not pastel.  guerlain rouge automatique hydrating lasting lip colour in yellow it-stick is another color surprise.  it goes on more like a gilded lip-enhancing gloss than a true yellow (thankfully).  it's incredibly wearable.  the other lip colour - fluo stiletto - is absolutely as it appears, unadulterated hot pink (also, thankfully).

available may 2015 at guerlain boutiques, bloomingdales, saks fifth avenue, nordstrom, neiman marcus, sephora, dillard’s and bergdorf goodman.


review: mario badescu botanical exfoliating scrub.

{perfect welcome home gift}

i came home from 4 days in new orleans looking exactly like someone who had been living off of butter, salt and mixed drinks.  my skin appeared to have a film of grey over it -- very glamorous.  but no sooner did i have a problem than did mario badescu have a solution.

sitting on my table when i got back home was a little box containing their newest cleanser - botanical exfoliating scrub.  while i tend to shy away from gritty exfoliators for my face the texture of this product is more of a cushiony pulp with tiny flecks of exfoliation.  the product's star ingredients include ecuadorian ivory palm seeds, coconut extract, ginger extract, green tea extra and gingko extract.  all these botanicals are soothing, softening, brightening and exfoliating, and come together beautifully.   i can't wait to use it every morning because the emulsion just feels good for skin. 

launching today (4/16/15) on mariobadescu.com,  and rolling out to ulta and nordstrom next month (may 2015)!


konmari and the art of loungewear maintenance.

{my new hanes loungewear}

it seemed like overnight everyone was talking about konmari -- the japanese decluttering technique detailed in marie kondo's book the life-changing magic of tidying up.  the basic tenet is to clean up by catagory -- ie: go through all of your shoes/purses/shirts at one time -- and only hold on the pieces you truly love.  once one has every single pair of shoes together, gathered from the entryway, the closet, the bedroom and wherever else they are hiding one can appreciate just how large their collection really is.

as someone who has felt truly overwhelmed by clutter this strategy has helped me to let go of some things i realized just didn't work for me, and send them off to new homes.

while i've certainly decluttered, i've also found out i needed to go shopping!  the unexpected effect of konmari-ing my wardrobe was that not only did it highlight my areas of abundance (i'm looking at you long sleeved striped shirts!), but also showed me where there are gaps. 

kondo is strictly against downgrading castaway items to loungewear.  with that philosophy in mind, i realized i didn't have any truly beloved house clothes.  while one wants loungewear that is both comfortable and flattering, it doesn't necessarily need to be costly.  my new kicking-around-the-house collection is all from hanes, including tees and sweatshirts that are current, flattering, and very budget friendly (see my collection above).

i'm off to declutter my purse collection!


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