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review: kiehl's super multi-corrective eye-opening serum.

{what i packed for turkey}
every few months i re-discover eye cream, and then wonder why i fell off the wagon with it.  the predictable tale goes like this:  i wake up, find my eyes are puffy slits of fury, start trying eye creams until i find a new favorite, then share it here!  this time around the favorite is kiehl's super multi-corrective eye-opening serum.

"most eye creams and serums address fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles and some loss of elasticity", says dr geoff genesky (head of kiehl's skin care laboratory).  "our research and innovation team wanted to bring true innovation to the aging eye catagory with 5 in 1, true 'eye opening' results."  that's exactly what i'm loving about this eye cream -- the instant eye opening effect.  this cream, plus a lash curler, looks like 12 hours of sleep.  it made the tightly edited list of toiletry essentials on my recent vacation.

$48 at kiehls.com.

editor's note:  press sample received for review.  all opinions are my own.


review: tarihi galatasaray hamami (turkish bath).

{the men's entrance}
my husband and i returned from a trip to turkey (bodrum and istanbul) earlier this week.  i'm still struggling to get on eastern standard time.  along with seeing relics from the ottoman empire, near the top of my "must do" list was visiting a turkish bathhouse.  i love trying out local beauty treatments, especially if they've been around for centuries.

we decided to visit tarihi galatasaray hamami while in istanbul.  a local friend said that this is the place his fiancee prefers for her treatment.  i was sometimes blown away by the sheer age of this country.  istanbul is steeped in history.  established in 1481, this local bathhouse is significantly older than the declaration of independence. 

before entering the building my husband and i went our separate ways. there's a front entrance for men (pictured above), and one around the corner for women.  the format of the turkish bath is steam in a sauna-like room for 20 minutes, full body exfoliation with mitt, rinse, soap up, rinse, and finish with a cold shower.  the service options range from self service to full service.  i went with the full service, because exfoliating one's own back is not my idea of a vacation. 

the combination of prolonged steaming and heavy-handed mitt use by my bath attendant peeled off layers of dead skin.  it was the deepest exfoliation of my life.  i shed my old skin!  then, came then part - the soap up was more of a foam up. the attendant creates massive foamy soap bubbles which she used for the "massage" portion.  i think many americans are disappointed because the massage is short and firm. it's important to keep in mind this isn't a massag treatment, it's more a guided bath

i left feeling both deeply clean and relaxed.  it as truly one of my favorite beauty experiences.  of note, little to no english is spoken by the attendants.  cost:  roughly $65/135 turkish lira.


new NYC nail art spot: paintbox.

{moonbeam mani}
nail art continues to evolve, and alongside that, the studios in NYC offering this (wonderful!) service.   entering the arena in the spring 2014, paintbox is the brain child of former beauty editor, eleanor langston.  while most nail art spots are founded by those in the nail biz, langston's background in the broader beauty space brings a novel twist to the studio.

the paintbox difference:
  • located in soho (near the mondrian hotel) the space has a more luxurious feel than many of the previous spots i've hit up for gel nails.  the studio feels relaxing and inviting.  beverage choices include cold-brewed iced coffee, complete with decorative paper straws.
  • they offer quick-drying gel/lights.  it's a brisk 30 seconds under the dryer for each coat, compared to the typical 2 minutes.  from start to finish my service took 1 hour 15 minutes (i typically spend close to 2 hours getting a gel mani with a design).
  • their famous manicure menu - for better or for worse, each manicure comes from a carefully edited book of options, chosen by their team to reflect the season's latest nail trends.  the current menu offers guests 26 possible designs, with endless color variations.  for me, this is a plus.  i am easily overwhelmed after looking at pages upon pages of possible nails, such so that i forget what i came in for and end up with something like rainbow-cheeseburger design fingers instead.  for my visit i went with the moonbeam in rose gold (pictured above).  i'd seen this design featured on the catbird instagram, and had to have it.  the negative space gives it an art deco vibe, which also feels very current.
visit paintbox at paint-box.com to see their current designs and book an appointment.  i know i'll be back.

editor's note:  please be aware that above manicure was provided for review, while all opinions are my own.


new: clinique chubby cheek colour balm.

{color me rosy}
last week i went on my annual pilgrimage to coney island with some of my blogging besties.  of course, conversation included which fall beauty products we're testing, and loving.  near the top of my (and the lovely sarah conley's) list was clinique chubby cheek colour balm.  

like their chubby sticks for lips and eyes, the cheek version is addictively easy to use.  i just take the fat crayon to the apples of my cheeks, then blend with my fingers for a healthy flush.  currently available in 4, very wearable, shades; robust rhubarb, amp'd up apple (my new go-to), roly poly rosy, and plumped up peony.  $21 at clinique.com.


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